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1. Noah Bendix-Balgley, violin with Orion Weiss, piano
2. Lord of the Flies
3. Yellowman

1. Noah Bendix-Balgley, violin with Orion Weiss, piano
Chamber Music Pittsburgh
Monday, November 30
Meeting Time: 5:25 PM
Estimated End Time: 9:30 PM

Janacek Violin Sonata
Brahms Violin Sonata No. 2 in A major, Op. 100
Strauss Violin Sonata in E-flat major
A series of short pieces to be announced from the stage

Don't miss this extraordinary duo.

Noah Bendix-Balgley, recently appointed Concertmaster of the Berlin Philharmonic--considered the best in all of European orchestras-- and outgoing Concertmaster of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, has thrilled and moved audiences around the world with his performances.

One of the most sought-after soloists in his generation of young American musicians, pianist Orion Weiss has performed with the Chicago Symphony, Boston Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic, and New York Philharmonic. His deeply felt and exceptionally crafted performances go far beyond his technical mastery and have won him worldwide acclaim.

Join us for a delicious dinner at Yuva before the concert.

2. Lord of the Flies
Carnegie Mellon School of Drama
Wednesday, December 2
Meeting Time: 6:05 PM
Estimated End Time: 10 PM

Ralph: That’s not the beastie. It’s us.

Lord of the Flies, adapted from the classic novel, tells the tale of 11 students trapped on an island with no adults. They must fend for themselves and make their own rules – their survival depends on it. Some are driven by reason, others by basic human instinct. As they battle for dominance, they slowly realize that the real thing to fear is themselves.

Join us for dinner at Yuva India before the play.

3. Yellowman
Pitt Stages
Thursday, December 3
Meeting Time: 5:55 PM
Estimated End Time: 10 PM

An award-winning play by Dale Orlandersmith and finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, Yellowman is a multi-character masterpiece about an African-American woman who dreams of life beyond the confines of her small town Southern upbringing and the light-skinned man whose fate is tragically intertwined with hers. The play explores the negative associations surrounding male blackness as well as the effect these racial stereotypes have on black women.

Join us for dinner at The Porch before the play.